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Art: Orangier

Fanart: Two

Posted by jou on 2008.02.04 at 00:42
Current Mood: artistic
Pairing/Characters: Borden/Borden
Rating: G
Notes: Wargh, took me forever to x-post this, but I made some Bordens for soda_and_capes'birthday. First time in forever attempting digital painting. :)

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trans, (marvel) tony

Fic: Till All These Shivers Subside

Posted by soda_and_capes on 2008.01.05 at 10:51
Title: Till All These Shivers Subside
Summary: Ice does not do well with ice.
Rating/warnings: R.
Characters/pairing: Tesla/Angier, Angier/Borden, implied Tesla/Alley.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Title from “Try Not To Breathe” by R.E.M.

BOC - bright

Yuletide fics

Posted by franzeska on 2007.12.26 at 01:03
Now, I am quite sure this post is unnecessary, but just in case any of us are living under a rock, I thought I would mention that this year's yuletide stories are now up, and there are some nice ones for The Prestige. Go read and comment on them.

Fandom: The Prestige
Title: A Trick They Do With Mirrors and With Chemicals
Summary: The trouble was, he was having a devil of a time finding a convincing double.
Rating/warnings: PG.
Characters/pairing: Bordens, Tesla. Possibly implied Borden/Borden.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Title from “Brilliant Mistake” by Elvis Costello. Two alternate histories of the Bordens.


FIC: 7isters

Posted by temve on 2007.10.19 at 21:08
Current Mood: flirtyflirty
Title: 7isters (Suit/Skirts/Skin)
Author: temve
Fandom: Batman Begins/The Prestige/Bond 007
Rating: NC-17 for explicit f/f sex in the last one
Summary: Madame Ducard contemplates her evening attire while imagining Miss Wayne's, the Borden twins go from corsetry made of silk to millinery made of old newsprint, and Agent 007 takes first the liberty of using a colleague's bathtub, then a chance said owner is in denial about offering, and finally the pretty and still half-dressed bathtub owner herself.
Warnings: May induce gender whiplash :)
Thanks: To shrieking_ell for the lightning beta and the co-squeeing! Also, to sian1359 for being the on-mommy of Con*Strict; this was originally published in the 2007 con zine.
Notes: No, these are three separate fics, so if you've been imagining all of the above in one fic, you're crazier than the author. And that's a lot of crazy.



Fic: "Hollow"

Posted by replicating on 2007.10.05 at 19:28
Current Mood: accomplished
Title: Hollow
Fandom: The Prestige
Pairing/Characters: Borden/Borden, Borden/Angier, Borden/Root
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Albert Borden chooses his brother and never says a word. It was never really a choice.



Fanart: "Oops."

Posted by jou on 2007.08.26 at 10:41
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Right, so... forever ago, soda_and_capes said that she'd write me marriage fic if I drew her Prestige mpreg.

... Now I am of the opinion that any sentence containing "Prestige mpreg" should doubtlessly also contain the phrase "worst nightmare" ... But come on. It was for marriage fic!! I had to take one for the team!!

And yeah, I swore I'd never post it, but soda_and_capes linked to it in her fic, so why the heck not. Flame me if you must, I likely deserve it.

Pairing/Characters: Angier/Borden
Rating: G (though it should get an R for "ridiculousness")
Notes: I've never drawn an mpreg pic before, and I screamed the entire time... but cautiously admit to having a little fun, too.

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Fandom: The Prestige
Title: I Can’t Believe That This Is What People Elope for
Summary: “Angier . . . I want to elope to France with you.”
Rating/warnings: NC-17. Spoilers, kinda cracky.
Characters/pairing: Freddie/Angier/Albert.
Disclaimer: They’re not mine.                                       
Notes: Title from “Wind It Up” by Barenaked Ladies. This story is an exercise in writing something that’s more dialogue than action/inner-monologue crap. It also comes in (oh vaguely) AU flavors. Oh, and this fic was co-written by jokesonyousheep, in the sense that I stole a ton of the Angier lines from an RP with her. Because writing is haaaaard.

My Word!

Ficlet: "Taking it Apart"

Posted by replicating on 2007.06.24 at 23:42
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Title: Taking it apart
Author: Jo
Fandom: The Prestige
Pairing/Characters: Borden/Angier
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I like 'em, but they ain't mine.
Summary: Dust, cards, accidents, and thank-yous.
Notes: Nothing ambitious, sadly. I just miss Borden and Angier, so I wanted to put 'em in a room together and make 'em kiss. *wink*


Art: Magicians

Fanart: "Climax"

Posted by jou on 2007.06.03 at 23:07
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Pairing/Characters: Angier/Angier
Rating: R for violence and very vague sexual connotations. (though maybe it's just in my head)
Notes: Me again! ... Because I can't stay away from my dearest Angier, apparently. I love him muchly. Also I've re-discovered the calming effect that drawing particularly violent images has on me. I might be on a gore drawing kick... maybe. In any case, this one jumped into my brain earlier and I had to get it onto paper right quick!

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